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Information modeling / Workflow modeling / Prototyping / Model Driven Development


Cathedron is our award winning environment to design, develop, deploy and maintain data driven systems.

Cathedron combines the power of a model driven generator with a high order language and industry standard extendibility. This combination enables you to focus on the concepts (what should be made) instead of the technical details (how it should be made).






Interactive Query Utility


IQU is an Interactive Query Utility for Firebird and InterBase (for Windows platforms).



Document scanning / Barcode recognition


A simple solution to:

  • Scan multiple pages (using TWAIN).
  • Merge the pages of a document into a single tif or pdf file
  • Assign a unique name to the documents.

Discontinued products




Information modeling (FCO-IM / ORM).


Infagon is an information modeling tool based on Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM). FCO-IM can be seen as a dialect of Object Role Modeling (ORM).

FCO-IM Casetool


Information Modeling (FCO-IM / ORM).


This is the old 16 bit predecessor of Infagon. Since this version is occasionally used in educational environments it is still available from our site. Please note this version is discontinued and no support whatsoever is given.



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